Image by Larm Rmah


I.Calligraphy donate wooden calligraphy canvases to various charities and organisations and yearly we raise over £5000 for these causes. The wooden calligraphy canvases are provided free of charge without any costs incurred to the charity or organisation when collected in person. Thus, to raise funds for charity appeals I.Calligraphy sell and donate personalised calligraphy canvases handmade in wood. The past six years we have been blessed to work with countless individuals, organisations and charities. This list currently includes Interpal, Amirah Foundation, Penny Appeal, Human Relief Foundation, Muslim Aid, Palestinian International Medical Aid, Human Care Syria, CARE Pakistan, Pearl Education Foundation, Islamic Relief, HHUGS and Insaan. We have included some of the feedback from these charities and organisations below. 


We are happy to donate work to certain charities for selling or auctioning off to raise funds for your organisation. To give an example, our most recent auction raised more than £1500 in one night for Interpal's work in Palestine from the sale of these pieces. If you are a charity or organisation, who would like to auction our wooden calligraphy canvases in a fundraiser. Please click on the button below and complete the form. We would be grateful if you could provide details of the nature of the project. The canvases will be provided free of charge if collected, though in some cases remuneration would be requested for the cost of postage, if a request is made for them to be posted to your charity or organisation. Jazak'Allah.

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