Our legacy

From our own experience we have found that our intentions have always been the core of our personal and the collective success attained through I.Calligraphy and making a difference, no matter how big or small it may be. We would advise anyone who is interested in following a similar pathway, to always reflect and act upon his or her own strengths rather than weakness. Always be and remain an active part of your community and contribute to charity projects. Regardless of religious affiliation, be committed with your time, effort, energy through your akhlaq, as these qualities always make the difference to others. Never see it as a passive, temporary part of your life, always see humanity as a whole rather than an abstraction, holistically aware of whom you are.


Imam Ghazali once said ‘The true greatness of man lies in his capacity for eternal progress.’ We have been blessed with many opportunities in life and provided with the choice to be successful within our vocations. However, it means so little when men like us win some success. Where is the benefit when a small class of people make money and can live well? It may be encouraging, but it has no deeper significance. We feel this way because we have travelled the world and met children who can neither read nor write. We have had a chance. They have not. That is the difference. We believe to whom a lot is given, a lot is expected. This is the pretext of our motivation and intentions behind I.Calligraphy. So we choose to retain humility and continually strive to support humanitarian projects all across the world through I.Calligraphy. And we pray with Allah’s blessings that we continue on this path.

The journey thus far has been very humbling to say the least. Within this period of time we have worked with countless individuals, organisations and charities. We have travelled throughout the U.K for various events and I. Calligraphy has been given a platform in galleries, magazines and purchased by thousands of individuals including celebrities. We take everything within our stride daily and seeing how the story continues to unfold. At the same time, we are content with what we have. As more so, material or physical notions of success do not drive our ambition. It is driven to better ourself as a people, for our family, our community and our faith. That inwardly ambition is ultimately what drives us, to wake up everyday and create something meaningful of our existence with everything that ALLAH has blessed us with. And insha’Allah within the long term continuing to help others through I.Calligraphy, as Allah has forever helped us.