Our story

I.Calligraphy donate calligraphy to various charities and organisations. Every year we raise over £5000 for humanitarian causes, the canvases are provided free of charge without any costs incurred to the charity when collected in person. Our story began 6 years ago, when we observed the heartbreaking humanitarian crisis in Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine and felt a deep sense of hopelessness and injustice. We wanted to do more to help and make a difference, regardless of how significant or insignificant it may be. During this period of time we made a calligraphy piece for mother’s day and a close friend saw the work and advised that we take the hobby more seriously and consider donating it to raise funds for charity. Shortly after the fundraising manager at Interpal saw some of our calligraphy online. And contacted us, requesting if we could donate our work towards their charity auction. We happily accepted and were humbled, but did not expect our work to even sell. But to our surprise the calligraphy that evening raised over £800 for Interpal's work in Palestine. From there various charities, organisations began requesting donations and the intention to help grew from strength to strength. We were provided with the opportunities to work with countless individuals, organisations and charities including Interpal, Amirah Foundation, Penny Appeal, Human Relief Foundation, Muslim Aid, Palestinian International Medical Aid, Human Care Syria, CARE Pakistan, Pearl Education Foundation, and Save the Children. All of whom, we now donate regularly to and attain and retain the pivotal role of making I.Calligraphy into what it has become today. 


With Allah's blessings, we have seen I.Calligraphy flourish and develop. At the same time we never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. We cannot express enough gratitude to every single person, who has shown us kindness and supported us the past six years since the first conception of I.Calligraphy. Thus, It would not have been possible to sustain I.Calligraphy these past six years. Without the constant support of every individual who has shown faith within our work and inspired us with their feedback and constant prayers. We would like to thank everyone that has provided us with the opportunity to donate calligraphy every month to the ever-expanding list of charities we work with. We know we would not be where we are today, without the endless reciprocation of faith. That so many people have shown in our work.