Handmade Islamic calligraphy written in Arabic and made from wood.

The inscription begins with:


Surah Ar-Ra’d - 13:28:

"Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest”

This is written in Arabic within the shape of a human heart and is followed by the same words written underneath in English.

The notion within the work is to define, that when I reflect on my own existence and remember. ALLAH is the essence of my existence. The reason I breathe. The cause of thought. The rationale in every question. The root of my energy. The inner light that manifests in complete darkness. I am reassured of my being and know I never walk alone, for the MOST HIGH is forever by my side. I am the heart that beats, the spirit that strives and the soul seeking eternal reflection.

Dimensions vary according to price.

Proceeds go to charity appeals.


Other Notes:

  • All canvases are engraved on a wood veneer and come with a complimentary frame.
  • The choice of wood colours are white or tan.

Handmade Wood Islamic Calligraphy - Surah Ar-Ra’d 13:28